About Us

Our goal at the Stock-Yard is to improve the way cattle are bought and sold in the marketplace. With our user friendly mobile application and website, we are able to drastically minimize the costs associated with current market options while directly maximizing cattle visibility and value. We do this by improving the networks between buyers and sellers which leads to improved market values that each party is able to take direct advantage of.

As a Seller, Stock-Yard gives you the ability to post your cattle online and in real time get direct feedback from thousands of solid buyers. Maximize your profits by skipping the sale barn and selling your cattle without every taking them off the ranch. You name your price and get to take advantage of all the benefits of selling direct.

As a Buyer, Stock-Yard provides you a one stop shop for all your cattle needs. Searching sales and auctions waiting for that perfect match can happen in minutes now. Stock-Yard is able to maximize the number of cattle you are able to see daily which increases your time value of money and provides you an immediate valuation on the current cattle market. Stock-Yard gives you the ability to search cattle by location, cost, type, breed, weight, sex and age to name a few without having to leave your truck. Locate your desired cattle instantly and talk directly to the seller.